Dealerweb Showroom is proud to have been chosen as one of Vauxhall’s two Certified lead management systems for its dealer network.

Throughout 2017, Dealerweb will be working with Vauxhall on several integration projects with other Vauxhall systems, enhancing both dealer efficiencies and the customer experience.

Vauxhall have identified Dealerweb Showroom Management System as one of the most popular lead management systems across their UK network of nearly 400 dealerships. The feedback from dealers highlighted how users are impressed with the broad range of functionality offered by the system and its ease of use.

Focusing on integration with only two systems to begin with will improve efficiency across the network and ultimately provide a better customer experience. We look forward to working with them throughout 2017 and beyond—creating a powerful automotive lead management system for Vauxhall dealers across the network.

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