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A quick response to web leads has never been more important

Research suggests that more than 40% car buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if they get a response to an online inquiry within half an hour, while 30% of buyers said they expected a dealer to respond in under 15 minutes.

Dealerweb React has been designed to ensure 100% web-lead capture, followed up by 100% web-lead response, with 0% leakage. Automating the collation of web-leads from virtually all sources, our software guides sales staff through a professional, consistent and personalised web-lead response process.

Dealerweb React is unique in that it is the only system that provides a business with the option to respond via a fully-formatted bespoke HTML email template or with a direct call to the customer using Click to Call.


Click to Call

With over 30% of buyers saying they would prefer to receive a call from the dealer during traditional working hours, sales teams can now respond immediately to all enquiries at the click of a button from their desktop or mobile device.

The cutting-edge technology offers numerous additional benefits to hone sales team performance, including integrated call recording and instant playback, as well as being able to analyse the lead response activity through automated tracking and reporting.

Keep it simple, keep it fast

Keep it simple, keep it fast

Upon receipt of a new lead, all sales staff are alerted in real-time via an email and/or push notification to an iOS and Android mobile app.

On a first come first serve basis, sales staff 'grab' the lead and are guided through a simple response process. The customer receives a personalised HTML email response, containing attachments and links, further engaging them in your brand or dealership and providing them with a second to none experience within minutes of leaving your website.

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From customer to salesperson in seconds

From customer to salesperson in seconds


The software was purpose built to ensure 100% capture of web leads from almost any online source. Leads from manufacturer and dealer websites as well as online classifieds are instantly picked up by React.


Push notifications/email instantly alert the sales team of a new lead in real-time. Designed as both a mobile app and desktop application these new opportunities are now unmissable, no matter where the sales person is.


React makes responding to new web leads simple. The user can select from a pre-defined suite of html templates and add personalised messages and attachments. Within a few clicks the sales person can respond to an enquiry with a relevant message.

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