According to our latest set of data, used sales bounced back in February - revenues increased by 6% for used sales against February 2018.

The positive figures are a result of increased sales conversion, which grew by 1.5% to 35% for used vehicles.

Overall enquiries were relatively static with an increase of 0.2%, while test drives fell by 5.6%. Sales of used finance increased by 5.1% and GAP by 6.1%.

In a tough retail environment it is clear that dealers worked hard to deliver a positive month of growth in February. The data shows that a blended retail strategy is a crucial part of today’s dealership. The approach relies on a strong link between the customer's online journey and their physical one.

Our previous research has shown that buyers who selected phone or email as their preferred means of communication, around half (53%) preferred a phone call during the traditional ‘9-to-5’ working day, while 47% preferred email. However, outside of these conventional working hours, the balance between the two shifts dramatically towards email, with almost two thirds (65%) preferring email communication.

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