Dealers across the UK saw revenues grow from new and used sectors in January even as the volume of enquires fell against last year, according to our latest research.

Sales conversion rates increased by 5.6% for new vehicles and 2.2% for used. Finance penetration increased by 3.6% to 78% for new vehicles and rose by 3.7% to 47% for used.

The data shows enquiries for new vehicles dropped by 12.7% and 4.6% for used vehicles. The number of demonstrations fell by 18%. However, revenues from new sales increased by 4.3% and used by 11.5%.

This data shows that dealers have shown a real focus on pursuing every sales opportunity to drive a stronger performance in January despite headwinds from the economy at the start of the year.

It also evidences the importance that every penny spent on bringing potential buyers to the door is cherished and every member of the team in a dealership is focused on delivering a personalised and seamless experience.

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