Our latest case study features the adoption of Dealerweb REACT by Brooklyn Hyundai - a family-owned company based in Seaford with over 40 years’ experience in providing exceptional customer care.

The challenge

Gerri Ori and his brother, Ted run a state-of-the-art Hyundai dealership that serves customers from across the South Coast. In a tough market, it was important to Brooklyn Hyundai that they could maximise hard-won inbound leads. Enquiries arrive from an increasingly complex range of sources from the company’s own website and social media channels, to platforms like Car Gurus as well as manufacturer leads.

The team needed a system to manage the leads efficiently and provide valuable management information about where the leads are coming from to inform marketing decisions.

The solution

The Dealerweb REACT system was deployed because it’s an innovative multi-platform system that captures leads from almost any digital source. It notifies relevant sales staff of a new enquiry via email and or mobile notification (via the iOS and Android mobile app) and allows them to respond immediately to customers with a personalised and professional response

Mr Ori uses REACT to corral leads and allocate them across the sales team. At the push of a button, he can monitor the progress of each lead and quickly report back to Hyundai on the progress of enquiries they have supplied.

Gerri Ori, managing director of Brooklyn Hyundai, said:

“Customers want an instant reaction these days. People use the internet to research and enquire and gauge the quality of service from the first interaction. All they want is quick access to the information they need before you close the sale.

If out of hours, people want a reaction, REACT gives them a quick response, which we can then follow-up in person or with a call.”

Research shows that 49% of buyers are more likely to complete a vehicle purchase if they receive a response to an online enquiry within one hour. 25% of buyers said they expected a dealer to respond in under 30 minutes.

The outcome:

The team has structured REACT to monitor all enquiries that come in and ensure they are followed up. It allows resources in the sales team to be allocated effectively and tells the management team which channels are providing the most leads.

Gerri said:

"We have experienced phenomenal growth in our business. As a team, we have invested in our premises, people and technology to give customers a seamless experience. We have a long relationship with Dealerweb, and their Dealerweb Showroom lead management system is an integral part of our new and used sales programme.

As online channels continue to grow in importance, it becomes essential that we have a process to respond quickly to enquiries and then ensure that they are followed up efficiently and professionally. The Dealerweb REACT response tool allows us to respond to all online leads, from a multitude of channels in a structured way.

Feedback from the team and customers is excellent."

Martin Hill, CEO at Dealerweb, said:

"The research shows buyers value a prompt response and we have built a platform that can pull it all together and make managing online leads simple. But beyond that, it provides a wealth of management information that will help to guide decisions that improve profitability and, ultimately, sell more vehicles.”

For more information on how Dealerweb REACT can optimize your online lead capture & response processes for better sales conversions, while providing the most effective method for lead allocation and real-time sales funnel reporting, go to www.dealerweb.org/react or email info@8technology.com.

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