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Working with all types of dealer from large national groups to single site independents, Dealerweb products (Showroom and React) suit businesses of all sizes. Our lead management system software is adaptable and infinitely scalable whilst never compromising our core values of ease and speed of use.

Designed by motor trade specialists, Dealerweb has created for us a bespoke enquiry management system that enables us to drive the performance of every Sales Executive every day. Simple to operate on the sales floor with reporting that provides accurate management information – at JCT600 we live by it every day.

"John Tordoff, Chief Executive, JCT600"

Client testimonial
Client testimonial

Our tailored version of Dealerweb’s software allows us to meet the specific demands of our sales and management staff across the country, while also consolidating the varying processes for the many different brands we supply.

We’ve been particularly pleased with how easy it is to use the software and its various functionalities, for staff at all levels. In particular, the reporting facility makes it far easier for our management teams to follow exactly what’s happening in real-time at an individual dealership level.

'Jason Cranswick, Commercial Director, Jardine Motors Group'

Following our decision to install iDeal, which is our own bespoke version of Dealerweb, the rollout throughout Ford Retail Group was delivered on time in all locations. The team at Eight Technology have worked very closely with us to ensure the initial training and on-going follow up has been a great success and there is no doubt that the system has helped us to exceed our half year objectives.

"Alan Maloney, F&I Director, Ford Retail"

Client testimonial
Client testimonial

Dealerweb enables us to bring a range of functions together in one place, for a large number of dealerships and wide range of brands. We were impressed by the level of control and reporting detail provided, and it will make every aspect of the new and used car sales funnels easier to manage.

'Andy Sinclair, Managing Director, Sinclair Group'

Dealerweb is by far the best enquiry management system I have worked with in my 20 years in the industry. Utilised the correct way within our strict processes, it gives us the tools to manage our sales operation in a timely and efficient way, promoting and controlling regular customer contact and prospecting.

The backup and support we receive is second to none, with fast responses to any changes we require on a day to day basis. We simply could not run the same way without Dealerweb.

"Allen Thomas, Brand Manager, Platinum Vauxhall"

Client testimonial
Client testimonial

Dealerweb has completely modernised our enquiry management process. It has benefits across all our sites, and at every level of the business. Our sales teams benefit from being able to track enquiry activity more easily, and they appreciate how quick and easy it is to capture customer data now.

We use Dealerweb’s Dealbuilder+ module, which enables our transaction managers to quickly create, personalise and update offers for customers, so our sales teams are more efficient at every stage of the purchase process.”

"Barry Alexander, Group Sales Manager, Robinsons"

Dealerweb has been key to modernising the way we interact with customers, automating enquiry management and maximising the efficiency of our sales process across all of our sites. We now capture all customer details electronically, and have full visibility on enquiry traffic into each of our businesses.

The system makes it far simpler to manage the offers we make to customers on a new or used bike and finance packages, and rework an offer more quickly if a customer needs it changed.

"Liam Johnson, Group Sales and Finance Manager, CMC Motorcycles"

Client testimonial

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